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Analysis of Container Transportation in iran : currect situation and solution to increase rail transportation utility
Dr. Hossein Haghshenas


After the industrial revolution, combined transportion (multimodal) emerged for the owners of goods as a new arena and nowadays this type of transportion has been accelerated by using containers,. However, only 1.8% of the total goods movement in Iran is done by containers. Despite the relative advantages of rail transportion than road transportation, the share of this mode in good movement is negligible. So that in 2013 the share of rail and road in container movement were 8 and 92 percent respectively. After preparation the effective variables based on the bill of loading information in both of rail and road field, necessary data entered into the modeling softwares. container Choosing models by using CLEMENTINE software and mode choice models with NLOGIT software were modeled. The best choosing container models is C5 model, which could estimate 78.14% of the information correctly. container tariffs (c_tariff), the port of destination (des_port), distance (dist), perishable goods (spoil) and export value of destination (export des $), are the most important variables in making the containers decision tree based on the level of their importance. As well the variables of The best mode choice model are the port of origin, port of destination, intensive freight over than 10,000 tons, the time road, the time railway, congested origin-destination, active rail origin-destination and the ratio of total rail cost to road. According to the elasticity of each of the variables, road travel time, rail travel time and the ratio of total rail cost to road are the most influential variables in the model.


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