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ُُDissertation Title
Analysis of Public Transport Networks Using Complex Networks Concept
Case Study
Dr. Meisam Akbarzadeh


Transportation and travel demand management receive attention as efficient solutions to control traffic problems. Bus network which is one of the most important types of public transportation networks faces performance fluctuations, damage and disorder due to exposure to car traffic. In this study, Isfahan bus network has been analyzed from the perspective of complex networks. In this regard, first the network is simulated in the appropriate spaces for the analysis. Then some of the characteristics of complex networks such as scale-free and small-world are investigated. Also the appropriate indices for vulnerability analysis are introduced. Then critical lines of the network are determined from the perspective of coincidence with the overcrowded roads. At the end, the analysis of three different approaches to modify the network including adding lines according to urban activities, adding lines due to complex networks indices and modification of network in order to reduce the required transfers are discussed


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