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ُُDissertation Title
Selection and Scheduling of Transportation Projects
Case Study
Isfahan City
Dr. Sayed Nader Shetab Boushehri


Selecting and scheduling of the transportation network project, is one of the most significant issues in the transportation planning field. In the project scheduling, it distinguishes that, project should be administrated in which time of the planning process. In this thesis project, the model for scheduling of the constructing and the widening of the urban street and also public transportation project is presented. In its essence, this issue is a multi-purposeful network design. The features of this suggested model, are flexible in the scheduling the project in relation with assigned annual budget to them. It means that, the period of construction time of a street is not specified at first, but it is distinguished by solving the model and having concurrent consideration to the technical limitations and the amount of assigned budget to it. In this thesis project, four indexes are used as” total travel time”, “spatial justice”, “ crowd”, “ environmental pollution”. The target function of the suggested model is developed based on a former solution approach. Also a heuristically solution algorithm Is suggested for solving the model in related to the large-scale and real urban transportation network. For demonstrating the efficiency of this suggested model in the solving significant issue, Isfahan transportation network is selected as a case study and is   timed-scheduled 31 road constructing and widening street project, in appended with 12 BRT projects scheduled for a 10 years planning period by using the model and suggested solution method, the results showed that the answer was satisfactory.




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