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ُُDissertation Title
Multilayer Analysis of Transportation Networks
Case Study
Dr. Meisam Akbarzadeh


describing and analyzing complex systems of various types such as social, biological, physical, transportation, etc. is possible by using network theory. Because of the transportation mode and the extent of the area under study the transportation network could be analyzed using network theory in different ways.

Increasing population growth rate and the consequent increase in demand for transportation result in more traffic, pollution, etc. To prevent these issues various transportation networks such as intermodal transportation systems and multimodal transportation systems are investigated. One of the models that has been used in recent years to analyze multimodal characteristics is abstraction and analysis multi-layer network. Using multi-layer structure for analyzing a network has resulted in a better understanding of the network and a more accurate analysis comparing to a single layer network analysis.

In this research by assigning each mode of transportation to one layer, a multi-layer network for the city of Isfahan is developed. To have a more realistic result, the travel time of each edge is assigned as its weight.

To capture the effect of the addition of BRT lines and subway to the network, the analysis is done over four different years from 2011 to 2021. The results of analyzing four centrality measures over the years, indicate the positive effect of the development of public transportation in the city of Isfahan. Looking at the rate of change over the years points out improved access, reduced centralization of the facilities in one point, and a

more uniform network  


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