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ُُDissertation Title
Identification of vital nodes in urban transportation networks
Dr. Meisam Akbarzadeh


Identifying the vital nodes of a network is one of the fields that have been considered in the various branches of science. Various indices have been used to identify these nodes which are mostly in the field of social sciences and biology. Due to the functional difference of urban road networks with other networks, the applicability and suitability of many of these indices should be re-evaluated. The collective influence and enhanced collective influence indices have recently been added to the set of vital nodes identification indices. In this study, the characteristics of this indices and other widely used centralities are studied in urban road networks. The collective influence and enhanced collective influence are known as local indices. In this study, the increase in the neighborhood radius has been studied as a probability to bring these indices closer to a global index. The ability to detect critical nodes by these indices and several other well-known centralities has also been evaluated. The results show that there is not only one unique index among the indices for identifying critical nodes, however, some indices have better performance in identifying these nodes.  

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