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Sustainable Transportation Indicators Analysis by Modeling world Cities Modal Share
Case Study
Dr. Hosein Haghshenas


Sustainable transportation investigates transportation from three aspects of the economic, social and environmental characteristics. The approach of this research is to investigate the urban characteristics affecting the urban modal share as an important and effective parameter in sustainable transportation using world cities data. The internationally UITP Database is the most important source of data in this research. In this research, parameters affecting mode share have been identified by means of correlation analysis between urban characteristics and Mode share. The achievement of this research is to create a logit model for a city, which can predict the share of trasportation modes of the city based on the input variables of each equation. In the following, sustainable transportation indicators consistent with available databases are calculated based on mode share and a ranking of sustainable cities was created and their characteristics have been analyzed. The mode share of Isfahan is estimated using the created logit model and the sustainable transport indicators of Isfahan was calculated. the Mode share has different impacts on sustainable transportation indicators. Different policies have been designed to examine the impact of selected parameters on indicators, which can be effective in improving the overall indicator of sustainable transportation. The simultaneous implementation of sustainable transportation policies makes each of the policies play its role in improving some of the sustainable transport indicators, and the overall indicator of sustainable tra  ort generates significant growth  


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