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ُُDissertation Title
Prioritization of appropriate regions for implementation of transit-oriented development (TOD) policy
Case Study
Isfahan city
Dr. Hosein Haghshenas


In recent years, Transit Oriented Development (TOD (has been raised as one of the urban development strategies based on the principles of smart growth planning and sustainable development. according to urban space development strategies and the creation of suitable locations to increase the share of public transportation and increase walking are considered. To develop a city, should be considered both land use planning and transportation planning issues simultaneously. Measuring TOD capacity levels is a precondition for TOD planning and for using TOD indices proposed in this study can be done. In this research, for the first time in Isfahan, rapid Public transportation station such as subway and BRT[1] are prioritized for TOD policy implementation. The purpose of this research is to prioritize stations of the line one subway and three BRT lines of Isfahan based on TOD indices. In this research, by studing valid sources, the important indicators for analyzing and prioritizing public transportation stations, which can be calculated with available data in the city of Isfahan were identified including indicators housing density, mixed land use, pedestrian access, sidewalk quality, parking, Public transport power and street access. For this purpose, for the zones around 103 stations subway and BRT lines in Isfahan, all indicators have been calculated using the GIS[2] software. Subsequently, through the multiple-criteria decision analysis method, the zones that have potential for conversion to zones TOD are prioritized. The zones around stations Kaveh, Ahmadabad Square and Azadi Square have the highest priority for the implementation of TOD policies. Then, sensitivity analysis was performed on the weight of the indices in order to evaluate the stability of the weighting method. In the end, for the various regions of Isfahan were proposed the transportation services and facilities needed to increase the capacity of the TOD. The results of this research can be used by planners and urban authorities to adopt appropriate strategies for improving urban texture in order to Transit Oriented Development.





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