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Student Affair

Scientific Association of Transportation Engineering (SATE) is composed of students willingly involved in scientific activities at the Faculty of Transportation Engineering of Isfahan University of Technology under the direct supervision of the Faculty's Deputy of Students and Cultural Affairs. SATE is mainly engaged in the following areas:

  • Educational affairs (to organize workshops in the area of transportation, software training programs, and interdisciplinary fields)
  • Scientific events (to organize competitions, idea shows, and scientific gatherings)
  • Research activities (to do research on the transportation-related problems, to find approaches for addressing the researched issues, and to share the results of the student studies)
  • Academic and professional talks (to talk about and exchange opinions on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in different dimensions of transportation field at the international, national, and urban levels as well as road, rail, air, and marine modes)
  • Visits and cooperation with scientific and technical centers, national and international scientific and associations, and passenger and freight transport agencies

Main objectives of SATE are as follows:

  • Strengthening the scientific spirit of talented and intelligent students and affording proper infrastructures for collective and voluntary attendance of students to identify and tackle transportation problems
  • Profiting from the capacity and creativity of students for moving toward scientific development
  • Introducing experiences of the other countries in the freight and passenger transportation to the students
  • Using knowledge and experience of students and graduates in public agencies working in the freight and passenger transportation areas

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