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Project Rationale:

This project determines necessities of effective evacuation from AAC in the city of Isfahan.


  • In this research, AAC was studied in terms of population and locational properties. Firstly, a list of threats, risks, and hazards was prepared for the study area, and the most probable factors was determined. Secondly, the following items were analyzed under the crisis circumstances: 1) parking management, 2) emergency vehicle accessibility, and 3) traffic of the road network around the study area. Thirdly, risk of fire and terrorist attacks were simulated for four important buildings. Finally, the shortest path analysis was performed and the minimum evacuation time was calculated. Main outputs were: identification of the critical pathways (i.e. evacuation bottlenecks), and determination of a precise location for building a new exit on the eastern side of AAC.
Municipality of Isfahan
Isfahan University of Technology
Dr. Meisam Akbarzadeh