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Faculty of Transportation Engineering (FTE) is the youngest faculty of Isfahan University of Technology (IUT). Since 2013, the faculty has started the admission of master students of Transportation Planning. Employment of the qualified faculty members and admission of interested and hard-working students are of the priorities of FTE. The main purpose of FTE is to do scientific activities for providing efficient, safe, environment-friendly, reliable, and resilient transportation systems.

Faculty missions include educational, research, and social-environmental aspects. For the educational aspect, the purpose is to train informed, skillful, innovative, and honest human forces. For the research aspect, the faculty aims to contribute to the body of the existing knowledge and to apply scientific methods to solve transportation problems. For the social-environmental aspect, constructive interactions with public and private sectors from national to city levels are considered. The purpose of such interactions is to make profit for the society (i.e. helping to consolidate the knowledge-based approach in practice and executive affairs) and university (i.e. integrating scientific approach and macro-scale view with academic insights).

The main pillars of FTE are: sustainable development, transit, health (safety and ergonomy), system resiliency, future technology, and environment-friendly energy resources. FTE plans to deepen and strengthen its scientific activates through expanding its majors in Urban Planning and Railway Engineering.

The faculty members of the university are strictly focusing on conducting applied and strategic research projects, and have carried out studies on various issues such as: passenger and commodity transportation at national, provincial, and urban levels. Employers of these projects have been: Iran’s Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Iranian Railways Company, The National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company, municipality of metropolises, and some private transportation companies.

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