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Project Rationale:

Modeling different traffic restriction scenarios for the center of Isfahan, selecting the most appropriate one, and analyzing requirements of implementing the selected scenario from different aspects



  • Study of the national and international works in development and application of the traffic restriction plans
  • Study of the traffic restriction methods such as: pricing and defining low emission zones based on the license plate numbers
  • Modeling impacts of implementing different alternatives (i.e. duration, number, and price of the restriction plan)
  • Determination of charges, permissions, and discounts for socio-economic groups
  • Development of solutions and policies for improvement of alternative modes such as: public transportation, biking, and walking
  • Impact assessment of the proposed plan on the peripheral streets and providing the required solutions
Municipality of Isfahan
Isfahan University of Technology
Dr. Hossein Haghshenas

تحت نظارت وف بومی