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Project Rationale:

In this project, various non-motorized vehicles worldwide, feasibility study, and design of non-motorized vehicles for family trips in the city of Isfahan are carried out.



  • Evaluation of different types of the non-motorized tricycles and reasons for using this transportation mode in various parts of the world
  • Design of the conceptual model based on needs and context-related conditions
  • Design of the following items: main chassis, body, steering wheel, brakes, power supply, transmission, and automotive systems
  • Design of accessories such as: mirrors, lights, blinkers, seats, and alarm system
  • Manufacturing of the aforementioned items and production of a prototype
  • Analysis of cultural, social, and economic issues in the way of extensive usage of this new system
Municipality of Isfahan
Isfahan University of Technology
Dr. Hossein Haghshenas

تحت نظارت وف بومی